Our fantastic Kids Arabic Club provide the perfect place to let your child have bags of fun and expend some of that boundless energy in a safe and happy environment in addition to learning a new language!

At Kids Arabic Club, entertainment is the happiest and the most creative part of our program, tailored to the age and ability of every child. We believe that our student should love being at Kids Arabic
Club, and look forward to come back in.
arabic club
We have also made learning a new language as fun. We have lots of fun learning activities designed to enhance their learning experience,including songs, phonics games, memory games, role modeling, plays lots of arts and crafts, we even have a weekly theme that we decorate the class acconrdingly where kids can enjoy being at a market, airport, factory and many places where they can all learn new voccabulary and use it to point and talk about things around them!

Arabic curriculum

Year 1 :
In this class kids will be learning and following the Egyptian National curriculum for year 1 for Arabic language.

This class is suitable for native Arabic speakers who are able to read and write.

All lessons will be conducted in standard Arabic language and dialects may be used by the students.
Preparatory year :
This class aims to equip kids with a wide range of vocabulary and to introduce some grammar rules including the different components of the sentence, the gender, the singular and plural, the conjugation of verbs etc. Along with intensive reading practice and weekly writing session.

This class is suitable for beginners, both Arabic and non Arabic speakers.

Arabic for Tots :
Kids Arabic Club has the privilege to start this unique class for kids aged 3 to 5 years old who wants to experiment the joy of learning to read and understand simple classical Arabic words.

Through lots of fun activities and carefully prepared lessons that will not only teach your precious one how to read but will seed the love of this language into their little hearts.
This class seems very popular and only few places still available for next year!

Time and location:
Year 1 and preparatory year : Every Sunday 10.30-1.30pm.
Arabic for Tots Class : Every Sunday 11-1pm.
At Queen Edith Primary school.