About us

At Kids Arabic club, we aim to give your children an enjoyable, stimulating and high achieving learning experience without adding further stress, as we take in consideration that your children have already spend a whole day at school. We have a wide variety of carefully chosen activities that fill the young hearts with eagerness to learn Arabic.

At the same time we are keen to fulfil our learning targets.Through a modern curriculum and the help of our friendly and experienced teachers,we aim to help your children learn to love Arabic.

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Head Teacher:

A dynamic and results-oriented Arabic teacher committed to inculcate a passion for learning , creating multicultural awarness through equal treatment and respect of different backgrounds.
A strong talent to devolop and implement creative, hands-on curriculum that reaches every student's learning style and ability, emprowering students to succeed and realise their individual goals. A trustworthy and approachable individual with excellent communication to cooperatively work with parents and collegues. 

Empowered with five years of Arabic teaching both in deferent schools and as a private tutor. Rahma have a special passion for her mother tongue and finds a great enjoyment teaching it.

Graduated from University of juridical and political sciences of Tunis,Tunisia.

Trained for child protection with NSPCC.
Trained as a pediatric first aid.

Personal statement:" Arabic is an amazing language usally mistakenly discribed as a hard language.At Kids Arabic Club, I am in a mission to prove to all my students that Arabic is a fun and easy language to learn!"